Citadel Housing Cost Calculator

housing concept illustration
Concept illustration of tower condos and perimeter wall house

This calculator will help you find the target pricing we have for the Citadel. This pricing may change based on realities as we break ground, but we are committed to securing reasonable prices for you and your family.

You may choose to live in a condo, in a house within the walls, or in a house outside the walls. Houses inside the walls will have limited land sizes by necessity. Applicants choosing to build houses outside the walls may choose up to 40 acres. All homes will have a privacy fence to ensure good neighbors. Houses range from small-footprint 600 square foot units up to 15,000 square feet for those who want, need and can afford the space. Your home can be finished with several facades, from a log cabin to vinyl siding, to a brick face, to an elegant and stately Federal design, or more. Your house, your choice! The interior of your house is unfinished, and is your responsibility to finish as you would like it! Many Patriot contractors will be available to help you, or you can do it yourself. Whatever your tastes for the interior of your home, do it! Remember, it is your home. Every single detail is yours to choose! Every home within the walls may add a workshop, and every home beyond the walls may add barns and outbuildings!

Every Citadel home will come with a 2,500 gallon water tank, a one year supply of food for either 1 or 2 adults, 1 or 2 AR15-variant rifles and 1,000 rounds of ammunition per rifle, a generator, a composting toilet, a vault, a protective Safe Room. If you are bringing more than 2 adults, additional ARs, ammunition and food will be added for a tiny fee. Remember, your home requires zero down payment, zero interest, no background check and no credit check... and your Lease is for Life.

A "micro-suite" is a small apartment of 300 square feet suitable for your family members who may need a safe place when SHTF, or if you live beyond the walls a micro-suite can be ideal for you to use as a refuge if we must close the gates for a short period of time. Micro suites will have the comforts of home, even if a bit cramped, bunk beds, and while they have a small footprint, theyll keep you safely inside the walls with your fellow Patriots. Micro-suites will use communal cooking facilities, showers and laundry. They are ideal for Patriots who need a temporary and safe place within the walls.

Citadel Housing Cost per Month

Up to 15x30-foot workshop
Citadel to complete exterior of house

Emergency micro-suite inside the walls (300 sq ft)

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